Systems/Network Engineering

Taurean’s network engineers specialize in Computer Network Defense (CND). We have extensive experience building custom defenses for large-scale, high-value networks within Department of Defense (DoD) and federal civilian agency networks. Our team operates, maintains, designs, integrates, tests, and installs key capabilities in critical network sensing platforms to support the JTF-DODIN and the Warfighter.

Our engineers are subject-matter experts (SME) on DoD network architecture and many of the network sensing capabilities currently deployed across the Enterprise. With this expertise, our team is capable of providing effective consulting services and Tier III engineering support for evolving commercial products. Our engineers plan, coordinate, and execute worldwide deployment on a routine basis.

Portfolio Highlights:

• Designed, deployed, and maintained the Enterprise Collaborative Operational Sensor (ECOS), a multi-functional, enterprise class sensing platform, which revolutionized the DoD’s Enterprise Sensor Grid (ESG) architecture:

o Key integrators of platform technologies
o Testing and analysis of multi-functional platforms
o Strategic deployments supporting CONUS/OCONUS requirements

• Our Team Members deployed the first sensor appliance that resulted in proving the value of the Trickler record collection system. Building upon that experience, our team has been involved in numerous changes and upgrades in the way data is collected and processed across the DoD.

• Our engineers developed, researched, conducted analysis, and managed the sensor grid deployment plan, Network Intrusion Detection (NIDS) sensor technologies and new technologies related to NIDS, resulting in enhanced network CND intelligence and the sustainment of backend infrastructure.

Our team is seasoned in Rapid Applications Development and Joint Applications Development that include a variety of best practice agile development processes and Lean Sigma Six processes.

• Our team has performed full configuration management (CM) over staged systems awaiting deployment, configuration baselines, updated configurations and interfaces during deployments, and sustainment of deployed systems.