Cyber Intelligence

Situational Awareness

Taurean’s cyber intelligence team conducts correlation and analysis activities, leveraging numerous tools to identify, pursue, and defeat cyber threats. Our team is well versed in large-scale network traffic analysis, and has extensive experience in producing valuable intelligence.

Across the board, our team specializes in analyzing, refining, and organizing information to produce concise, actionable intelligence. Our team has expertise in many cyber intelligence capabilities currently deployed across the DoD and we have presented at numerous Computer Network Defense conferences and workshops.

Portfolio Highlights:

  • Advanced Analysis and Training (A2T) supports NETOPS to address larger analytic concerns for the Enterprise Sensor Grid
  • Analyzing network traffic and collecting threat information to provide comprehensive network situational awareness and actionable intelligence for the Warfighter and other key stakeholders
  • Developed Traffic, a web-based network analysis tool, that provides key cyber intelligence to stakeholders across the DoD
  • Conferences and workshops supported: G-First, FloCon, CDC Technical Exchange (aka, CENTAUR Jam Session), and CND Workshop (OSD/NII)